Is Your Wife Having An Emotional Affair


Have you ever had that feeling in your gut something is going on with your wife that doesn’t seem right?  Maybe texts or calls at all times, during the week or even on weekends – then she brushes you off when you ask who’s on the phone?

Did you ever check her phone when she wasn’t looking?  Maybe find out who her “secret admirer” is.  Your anger erupts inside mixed with a deep hurting like you’ve never felt.  Dozens of questions race through your mind leaving you an emotional mess.  Is she cheating on you – maybe not sexually – but she is having an emotional affair.

Then the confrontation begins.  You show her the phone without saying a word.  Maybe she screams you don’t have the right to snoop.  Blaming you is her first line of defense.  Putting you on the defensive keeps you off balance at first, but then your anger takes over.  She rationalizes her infidelity by arguing:

“You don’t understand me.”

“You never listen.  He does”

“We never talk anymore.”

“You take me for granted.”




Surviving an Emotional Affair

Surviving an Emotional Affair

You start wondering if your wife is having a marital affair and that accusation comes next.  Even if she denies it AND you believe her, you know your marriage is in trouble.

Your wife has developed an emotional relationship with a man other than you.  She feels the lack of communication and intimacy has left your marriage and is seeking it elsewhere.  This may be why she was vulnerable to an emotional affair.

Even if her affair hasn’t turned physical, that lingering doubt in the back of your mind is always there, nagging you.  Is she going to sleep with him?  When is it going to happen?  The anticipation is agony.

What are YOU going to do?

Admitting your wife has some valid points is your next step.  This doesn’t excuse her actions, but it’s a start down the road of saving your marriage.  Both of you need to honestly assess the good and bad in your marriage.  Communication issues, verbal and nonverbal, are the best place to start.

I’ve discovered a wonderful course called Saving Your Marriage that guides you through a workable, realistic plan to heal your marriage.  An affair doesn’t have to destroy your life together. But, knowing the steps is crucial.  Surviving an emotional affair requires hard work and open communication. But, if you think your marriage is worth it, you CAN rebuild your emotional connection with each other and strengthen your marriage bond. Love, and a bit of hard work, really CAN conquer all.





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