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Survive An Affair – The Cheater’s Perspective

For whatever reason, you made a decision to cheat on your spouse or mate. But lately you have been wracked with feelings of guilt. Can your relationship survive an affair? If you are feeling guilty but don’t care, it’s probably time to end your marriage or relationship. The intimacy, trust and love you once had […]


Surviving a Marital Affair – Can You Save Your Marriage?

A marital affair is defined as an illicit romantic and sexual relationship outside your marriage. Surviving an affair can be very grueling and depressing for you, but it can be done! Although some couples who are faced with infidelity immediately divorce; some stay, heal, and rebuild their marriage. If you think that what you and […]


An Emotional Affair Can Destroy Your Marriage

      An emotional affair is an affair between two people that has emotional intimacy, but no sex. This type of affair usually begins as an innocent friendship which develops an emotional bond. Since one or both people are involved in a monogamous relationship, sharing intimacy with another is cheating.       Although an emotional affair does […]


Overcoming Guilt and Shame After a Marital Affair

    Is it possible for you survive a marital affair or infidelity? Finding out your husband or wife cheated can devastate you. But if you choose surviving infidelity as your course of action, what will happen when you try to rebuild your marriage? If you have been deceived, but decided to stay in the […]


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